Do you see my phone number if I call?

No, we don’t know your phone number unless you choose to tell it to us. We receive your calls on a special phone, not a mobile phone, and the caller phone numbers are not displayed. The Child Helpline Cambodia phone counsellor will ask you if you want to give your phone number but it’s up to you if you want to do this. By having your phone number, we can call you back if the phone line is accidentally disconnected or to assist you in an emergency. If you want us to talk to someone else about what’s happening to you, like the police or in person support services, we will probably ask you to give us your phone number so they can contact you. There may be times when we are very worried about your safety or someone else’s safety and we need to tell someone about what’s happening. If this is the case, we will ask for your phone number so we can get help to you. We have strict guidelines about when we can do this but we would always talk to you first and let you know what is happening.

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