I’m worried about my weight / height. How can I change?

Everyone has a different body shape and size. Try to understand your motivation for wanting to change your weight / height. For example, is it because of pressure from or comments made by your friends? Are you struggling with low self esteem?

If you want to gain or loose weight, it is important to still eat a healthy range of food, and continue with regular physical exercise. You might also like to speak with a food specialist, sometimes called a Nutritionist, and they will help you develop a safe eating plan.

Your height depends on your genes which are physical, emotional and behavioral things or characteristics that are passed down from your parents to you when you were conceived. You can’t control your genes as they are your own human biology.

Sometimes certain clothes or shoes may help you appear shorter or taller, slimmer or wider. Try to find clothes that work for your body type and stand proud no matter what height or size you are.

You can call Child Helpline Cambodia anytime for free on 1280 if you would like to receive emotional support or further information on this subject.

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